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About the Artists:
Award winning, certified professional photographer, Kevin Wimpy, began his life-long pursuit of the art of photography upon receiving his first camera at age of ten. Kevin spends countless hours continuing his education through reading and studying with top photographers from around the world. He approaches clients with sensitivity and humor to discover who they are and who they want to be so that he can capture that in their portraits. Kevin is driven to tell the individual story of each of his clients. His classical training, certification have also helped him create his signature cinematic style and award wining album design.

Suzette Wimpy, a former music business executive, has studied photography and photographed documentaries for non-profit organizations throughout the world, with a special emphasis on organizations that help children. Kevin and Suzette met when they were both asked by a mutual friend to participate in a unique photo assignment. The couple later married, and are blessed with two daughters. Suzette focuses assisting Kevin at weddings and also does smaller weddings on her own in addition to marketing and design for Kevin Wimpy Weddings.

Kevin and Suzette each possess their own style and working together gives them a unique edge. They approach each wedding with passion and focus to tell the story of individual subjects. Both love to personally design custom albums and products for their clients. Both believe that compassion and getting to know their customers allow them to create art that satisfies and uplifts their subjects. Kevin sums up his passion with this statement: We are blessed because we are always getting to see our customers at the greatest moments in their lives, the moments they want to cherish forever.